Case Studies

Our experience and expertise has attracted a wide range of installations and interesting projects - we've detailed some of our favourites below.

  • Hammond Vets Ltd
    The IT Medic is proud to have come up with a Rural Internet Solution for Hammond Vets Office Nr Stapleford, Hertfordshire.

    Anyone who has lived in a rural location will know only too well the frustration that arises from a slow, glitchy internet connection. Waiting for emails to send, web pages taking an age to load and seemingly small uploads stalling all have a high impact on productivity and inherently stress levels!

    Whilst things are improving bit by bit as the government pledges to improve the rural broadband network, and with ISPs rolling out fibre broadband to more locations, there is still a long way to go - for many businesses there are some extremely attractive alternatives available, that cost relatively little compared to the potential increase in reliability, speed and performance.

    One such company was Hammond Vets Ltd, who approached The IT Medic with all of the symptoms of a long suffered slow network.

    The IT Medic laid out all of the options available, from satellite broadband through to 4G routers with specific aerials to make the most of the available upload and download speeds.

    Our client was then able to make an informed decision, and with that, the hardware required was purchased and installation went ahead.

    Since installation, Hammond Vets have found a huge increase in productivity - which in turn has allowed them to see a greater number of patients throughout the day and allowed for more time-saving measures and workflows to be put in place that weren't possible with a slower connection.

  • This is Union Ltd
    The IT Medic was commissioned to provide a Backup & Storage Solution for This is Union's Office in the centre of Worcester.

    "We are a busy creative design agency based in Worcester and over the years our ever growing list of clients, projects and team members has inherently put a strain on our technology infrastructure - what once had seemed like more than enough storage, speed and security rapidly became an issue… we had all of our team members accessing large files across a network of Macs utilising online storage, backed up to an offline drive intermittently. So, we upgraded - a basic network attached storage drive seemed to be the logical next step. In theory it should have worked fine, but a combination of a standard router with too many connections and a NAS that looked good on paper but less so in practice. We worked out that with the time we were spending waiting for files to open and save, lost connections and time spent fixing issues, we were each losing 20 hours a month of working time… If you do the maths, that’s a huge chunk of income disappearing down the drain, not great for productivity.

    Enter MJH Studios - IT Support Solutions. I’ve known Matt for a while, and in all honesty probably wasn’t aware of quite how extensive his range of services were. We explained our issues, and our requirements - it really was as easy as that. Matt put forward a proposal to cover everything we needed, including future proofing, along with a very competitive price. In a very short space of time, Matt had ordered all the components we needed and visited the office to install a high end NAS (Network Attached Storage) device with dual drives for backups, remote access, versioning and much more. A quick tutorial, and some time to transfer all our existing files across and we were up and running again, turbo-charged!

    All of our team members can access files when off-site extremely easily, and we are still exploring a myriad of features that are available with the new drive,

    So far, the device has been running uninterrupted for 3 months, with no speed issues, network drop offs or crashes. Productivity is up, threats to throw computers out of the window have reduced dramatically. Confidence in our hardware is crucial - and we now have that in abundance.

    In a nutshell, Matt at MJH knows his stuff, so if you have any IT related issues, he really is the man to talk to - no nonsense, no jargon and simple cost effective solutions."

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